Door Options
Mouser Cabinetry provides you with the tools to create your dream kitchen. Your vision, combined with our wide selection of cabinet styles, allows you and your designer to turn those dreams into reality.
Group 1 Door Styles - Whether you are attracted to a simple shaker design, a transitional design, or want a 1-piece MDF door design, this door group has several attractive options for the value conscience consumer. Choose a door design from this group and watch your investment grow.
Group 2 Door Styles - This grouping includes mostly flat panel door designs with wide rail or decorative rail configurations, along with raised panel designs in our 2 1/4" rail widths. Choose a door design from this group for that popular custom cabinetry look.
Group 3 Door Styles - This grouping contains a broad range of design choices - including wide-rail mortise and tenon door styles, arched rail door styles, miter flat panel door styles, all in both flat and raised panel designs. Also included are our grooved panel door styles. Choose a door design from this group, and you're sure to be pleased with the results.
Group 4 Door Styles - This grouping includes several moulded rails with miter constructed door styles in both a flat or raised panel detail. Also included are our panel door styles which include grain continuation designs for that continuous grain look. Choose a door design from this group for that sophisticated cabinetry look.
Group 5 Door Styles - The inclusion of decorative mouldings to the door styles in this grouping adds flair to the cabinetry in both our Overlay / Inset and EuroStyle cabinetry. Also in this grouping are our specialty Open Louver and Closer Louver door styles. Choose one of the door styles in this group for your high-end, ornate cabinetry wishes.
Miscellaneous Door Series - The option of combining many of our doors into a double panel door style, makes the Quarter and Manor series a unique option for any décor.
Decorative Inserts - Clear, Antique, Ribbed, Seeded and Leaded Glass may be used with any of our Lattice options to create that one-of-a kind accent piece. Add to the selection a grouping of Chicken Wire, Antique Wire, Bright Brass Wire or Speaker cloth to create an endless choice of Decorative Insert options.
1" Thick Doors - Premier Inset 1" thick face frames are available with both 1" thick and ¾" thick door/drawer styles. Premier 1" thick door/drawer styles are also available on Premier EuroStyle cabinetry. These are 16 unique 1" thick door/drawer styles: Anson, Blakely, Brewster, Chatham, Clayton, Grafton, Hudson, Lakehurst, Marbury, Milford, Montauk, Norwich, Preston, Stowe, Sutton, and Tremont.
Foil Door Styles - Mouser Cabinetry is pleased to introduce our line of Foil Products. Contemporary Designs can now be incorporated into your home utilizing foils ranging from domestic to exotic grain patterns, on textured foils resembling real wood grains, as well as several solid colors. Both high-gloss and satin foils are available on many of the wood grains and solid colors. The foil products offer a variety of design choices, such as vertical and horizontal grain patterns, crown mouldings and other embellishment items. Contact a Mouser Dealer for availability and prices.